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Appropriate ICT support ensures that your increasing investment in ICT is consistently available to meet the learning needs of the pupils.


Providing advice on hard and software purchases to enhance education as well as more strategic issues such as data security and management.

IT Staff

Finding in-house staff can be difficult, we can supply a permanent IT Technician that has the support of our whole team. 


Sourcing leading manufacturers equipment from UK stocks with full UK warranties give you peace of mind and us a reputation for reliability.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Services is the fastest growing sector in IT at the moment, from data backups to hosted software platforms and servers it provides fast, efficient and available anywhere storage. Insight has a complete portfolio of cloud options from Offsite backups for secure, always available data storage, Email Sytems and hosted software from Asset Management to Telephone systems.

Telecom Solutions

Why not take advantage of cheap internet calls by installing our software-based PBX telephone system? Using standard IP telephones, they can be deployed anywhere in the building that has a network socket and when you move classes around take the phone to the new location without the added cost of telephone wiring changes.  By using internet SIP trunks, you can save up to 80% of your call charges and have the ability to increase (or decrease) the number of lines you have making it the most flexible system available. Combine this with a full feature list such as Auto Attendant, per extension voicemail, voicemail to email, forward to mobile, make and receive calls from your smartphone (IOS and Android), call direct form PC with web client.  With no per extension licencing you can expand the system as you grow, just buy extra phones. Being software based there is no Black Box to go wrong or replace when it out of date, just update the software which is included with the one low-cost annual licence.


Commercial grade broadband is essential to any school or business. At Insight, we have worked with suppliers for over ten years to ensure that we can provide the best available speed appropriate to your location and budget. Added to this we ensure that you have the best in class Internet filtering that is OFSTED approved and fully manageable so that you can access the sites you need when you need them as well as blocking all unwanted material. Combined with industry-standard firewalls that protect you from unwanted visitors, you can work efficiently and safely.

Print Solutions

The cost involved in wasted paper by staff printing and copying is an ever-increasing problem for us all. By implementing a print and release solution like Paper Cut in several schools we have manged to cut printing costs by over 50% and restrict unauthorised printing to a minimum by requiring a code or RFID tag to release printing only when the user is in front of the printer.

Backup Solutions

Disaster Recovery is probably the most overlooked routine in schools IT. Can you imagine having to re-input all of your school data and rewrite all of your school documents, lesson plans and policies? Having full and tested backups can stop this and save thousands of pounds and hours of work. Using server-based software we can provide backups to local network Attached Storage as well as Cloud storage to provide secure off-site backups..

Education Licencing

Insight IT Simplified is an Authorised Education Reseller for Microsoft, having completed the annual training and examination this enables us to provide educational licences to schools on a Volume Licence program which is far more cost effective and easier to ensure compliance than traditional licencing allows.

Finance and Leasing

Everyone has issues with making the budget stretch, so when the request for new IT equipment comes in how do you ensure that that your rolling plan for replacement is balanced with other demands on the money available. Operating leases are the only way that schools can do this, by paying for the equipment over a three-year period the costs are budgeted and you can implement that rolling replacement plan. At the end of the lease, you can hand the equipment back and start again with all brand new up to date covered by a new 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Plan ahead, budget ahead and protect your investment with manufacturer’s warranty.

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